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For on Stage Performers/Band Members

In order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day, the following guidelines must be followed.

Club’s Monthly Social

  • If you wish to sing (perform) you need to supply 3 copies of chord charts to the band.

  • You also need to register on the day with the stage co-ordinator.

  • The stage co-ordinator will arrange the order of appearance. This usually corresponds to order of arrival/registration.

  • Stage co-ordinator to arrange backing band / bands.

  • Backing band to be financial members. This can be varied to include members of other clubs if there are no club members available. This must be with the approval of the stage co-ordinator .

  • Visitors/members are welcome to request to play as a group.

The Band

  • give the band every opportunity to learn your music, so that they can do their best on performance day.

  • Have your music ready, in the right key and written out clearly with no errors.

Performances at other clubs or outside events

  • When representing the club as guests at other clubs or at special functions the following also applies.

  • Preference will be given to financial members who have nominated our club as their primary or only club

  • Potential band members wishing to perform as part of the club, will need to consult with the stage co-ordinator before being accepted.

  • Practice with other band members will be arranged from time to time on an as needs basis

  • In all instances the stage co-ordinator has the final decision regarding those performing on stage.

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